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Recognition for BMW benchmark

Automotive experts from all over the world are in agreement – the Carbon Core for the body structure of the new BMW 7 Series is currently the ultimate benchmark.

At the 17th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference, the construction created using a composite consisting of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), aluminium and steel received the EuroCarBody Award 2015.

The body of the new BMW luxury sedans was given a rating of 41.87 out of 50 possible points – the best score ever to be obtained in this competition.

The EuroCarBody Award has been announced at the annual conference of experts every year since 2002 and is regarded as the world’s most important award for innovations in car body construction.


The Carbon Core used for the body structure is the central element of the BMW EfficientLightweight Technology that was applied particularly consistently in the development of the sixth generation of the BMW 7 Series. For the first time in a volume-production, a composite of CFRP, aluminium and super high-strength steels was created which increases rigidity and stiffness in the passenger cell while at the same time significantly reducing the vehicle weight. CFRP is applied here in hybrid construction with super high-strength steels for the structural elements. This allows adaptation of the sheet metal parts in the area of the B columns, for example, thereby saving weight.

In designing the body with Carbon Core, expertise was used from the development of BMW i Series models.