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Winning combination for roofing

Chomarat and Norafin have jointly developed a new generation of reinforcement composites for roofing felts called Rotaflam Neo. 

This offers the benefits of both glass and polyester and combines the performances of a laid scrim for strength and dimensional stability and nonwovens providing puncture, fire and tear resistance in a single layer.

Chomarat has been active on the roofing market for 40 years and is an expert in the design and production of laid scrim, while Norafin is a specialist in hydroentanglement and has a similar long history of involvement.


Rotaflam Neo consists of a fibreglass and/or polyester-based laid scrim, a nonwoven material and a glass veil. The hydroentangled nonwoven ensures the performance of the laid scrim. Using a laid scrim that combines glass and polyester offers two benefits. Thanks to its intrinsic properties, the glass adds stability on the roof, but also on the membrane production lines, while the polyester provides the elongation and strength.

“By combining our know-how, we can offer a reinforcement that rises to the challenges of the waterproofing market, offering improved performance, while reducing the thickness of the membranes,” says Marlene Berthouze, roofing market manager at Chomarat. “The reduced weight of the bitumen significantly cuts the production costs of the membranes and in addition, the membranes produced with Rotaflam Neo pass all the European fire resistance tests. The product improves the fire resistance of the waterproofing membrane and does away with the need to include certain chemical additives in the formulation which means that the environmental impact of our solution is also reduced.”

“RotaflamTM Neo is the perfect addition to our range of reinforcements, and it was well received by the entire profession at the recent Waterproof Membranes 2015 conference in Bonn,” explains Raphaël Pleynet, Chomorat business director.