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Composites for Cadillac

Part innovations from Magna International have enabled Cadillac to design and build lighter vehicles that enhance performance and improve fuel economy with lower emissions and cost of ownership.

A major development is that of carbon fibre-based composite hoods – the auto industry’s first to go into volume production.

The carbon fibre hoods appear in the new 2016 ATS-V and CTS-V high performance models. The hoods are more than 27% lighter than aluminum hoods and 72% lighter than steel hoods. This product is the culmination of years of development at Magna, which has seen the company at the forefront of R&D efforts to enable carbon fibre manufacturing at the required volumes.


“We’re optimising components and systems to make them smarter, cleaner, safer, and lighter,” said Swamy Kotagiri, Magna’s CTO. “Our customers like Cadillac can be assured that Magna will continue to develop and deliver innovative and affordable solutions across the full range of our product portfolio.”