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Spotlight on flax and hemp pioneers

The Technical Section of the European Confederation Of Flax and Hemp (CELC) recently celebrated a decade of activity aimed at converting the growing interest in green materials into actual market share for its businesses at an event in Paris. 

The focus was on eight pioneering companies who have commercialised a broad range of technical textiles, semi-finished product and  prepregs for composites with European Flax certification. 

The eight companies are BComp, Culture In, Dehondt Flax Technic, Depestele, Echotechnilin, Lineo, TLD Technique and Texilis. 


Unique flax and hemp advantages – low density and high mechanical properties – have established the products of these companies in applications in automotive, aerospace, sports and leisure and consumer goods, where the fibres deliver advantages in terms of low weight, vibration damping, impact resistance and recyclability.