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Integral safety check for structures
Friday, 24 February 2012

Composites with embedded optic fibres and ultrasonic sensors for structural health diagnostics are being employed in a 20-metre-long footbridge which is currently being built at the EMC2 Technocampus in Bouguenais, France.
This is part of the DECID2 Project for the creation of smart profiles which involves a dozen partners, including the EMC2 competitive cluster, along with manufacturers and laboratories.
?As part of this European project, we incorporated optic fibres into our pultruded composite profiles,? explains Bertrand Vieille, marketing director of ICCO Composites. ?This innovation makes it possible to monitor the structure of materials for greater safety. We help our customers build customised profiles to meet new criteria or for specific applications. The demonstration footbridge can continuously monitor the structural integrity of the composite materials over time.?