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One-step pultrusion progress
Wednesday, 05 August 2015

The Aimplas Plastics Technology Centre in Valancia, Spain and its partners have reached the mid-point of the EU-funded Coaline project in which a new profile manufacturing pultrusion method for the construction and automotive industries is being developed.

It involves a one-step process in which even the application of the primer or paint is produced inside the mould, resulting in considerable time and cost savings, in addition to the elimination of emissions.  


Aimplas has concluded its work on combining microwave absorbers and gelcoats with resins and the selected combinations are reported to be achieving a reduction in curing times of more than 50% compared to conventional resins.

“The pultrusion manufacturing process is a continuous system where a glass fibre reinforcement impregnated with resin is introduced at one end of a closed and heated mould,” explains chief researcher Nora Lardiés. “In the Coaline project we coat the profile inside the mould as a cheaper, cleaner and more effective process.”

Two commercial partners, Spain’s Acciona and Alkè in Italy, are now making prototype profiles via the new method for construction panels and structural components for electric cars respectively.

The Fraunhofer Institute, in collaboration with German microwave power systems manufacturer Muegge, has already designed and built the microwave antenna that will be put together with the modular mould while Rescoll, a French chemicals research company, is working on the formulation of the primer and the adhesive.