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ACMA announces composites award winners
ARLINGTON – The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has announced the winders of its Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE). ACE is a composites competition that recognises technological and sustainability achievements in the industry.
Sigmatex awarded for recycled carbon fibre textile

CHESHIRE – Composites manufacturer, Sigmatex has won the Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Award for its development of a recycled carbon fibre textile.

Teijin at Sustainable Innovation Forum

TOYKO – Teijin has announced that it will participate in this year’s Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF), which is organised by Climate Action and United Nations Environment.

Composites UK launches sustainability program
HEMEL – Composites UK has announced it will launch its new sustainability subgroup on 3 October, with an event at Scott Bader Company Ltd. In Northamptonshire.
Composite market to be worth over US$100 billion
VDMA to examine hybrid lightweight materials
FRANKFURT — A leading German machinery technology association has formed a new working group on Hybrid Lightweight Technologies, which opens up new possibilities for the composites sector to replace the use of metal for a range of manufacturing applicatio
EU event maps out sustainable composites plan
The Association of the European Composites Industry (EuCIA) recently held a conference in Brussels to examine the increasing role that composites will play in creating a more sustainable Europe.
Aliancys – new name for DSM Composite Resins

From January 2016, DSM Composite Resins will be named Aliancys. DSM announced earlier this year a partnership with CVC Capital Partners. This involved the formation of a new holding company, and the start of the DSM Composite Resins business as a separate business unit.

Dures range for pumps
EGC Critical Components, based in Houston, Texas, is introducing dures – a new family of proprietary thermoplastic polymer composites.
Bayer acquires thermoplast maker
Bayer MaterialScience has concluded the takeover of Thermoplast Composite GmbH (TCG) a manufacturer of thermoplastic fibre composites based Langenfeld, Germany.
LFT flax and jute advantages
The UK?s NetComposites has developed injection mouldable long fibre thermoplastic (LFT) flax/PP and jute/PP pellets using pultrusion technology and commingled yarns.
Exploring a dark art
The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has invested ?150,000 in an FT Dornier rapier loom, especially designed to weave composites without the risk of the highly electrically-conductive carbon fibres causing it to short circuit.
Expanded range for TFP
PPS, PEI, PEEK, polyamide and polyimide polymers are all employed in the extended nonwoven veil range of the UK?s Technical Fibre Products (TFP).
Toray acquires Saati prepreg business
Toray Industries is to acquire the European carbon fibre and prepreg business of Saati SpA, situated ay Legnano near Milan in Italy. It will be renamed Composite Materials (Italy) Srl (CIT), as Toray continues to establish an integrated network in Europe.
Prepreg advances in Japan
The latest developments from Japan?s Toho Tenax a new prepreg offering super-high heat and oxidation resistance and a second that achieves rapid curing for increased productivity and features excellent surface texture and formability.
Digging those good vibrations
The effectiveness of a vibration-reducing cork composite skateboard will be recognised with a JEC Asia Composites Innovation Award at the show on November 17 in Singapore.
JEC Asia innovation awards
During the JEC Asia composites show which takes place from November 17-19 in Singapore, eight companies and their partners will receive awards for innovation.
Straight ACE for the Mark One
MarkForged has received an Award for Composites Excellence (ACE) from the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), for its development of the first 3D printer that can continuously accommodate carbon fibre, Kevlar and glass.
New SMC solutions from Owens Corning
Owens Corning is introducing two new suite of sheet moulding compound (SMC) solutions employing its patented, boron-free Advantex glass.
3D printing for the Middle East
Paradigm 3D has opened the first 3D printing operation in the Middle East, centrally located in Dubai to serve the needs of the region for fast 3D printed parts.
The power of hidden patterns
The effects of patterned surfaces deep within materials ? specifically, at the interfaces between layers of crystalline materials ? could lead to new methods of controlling the properties of composites.
Drop-in magnesium substitution
New long fibre thermoplastic (LFT) materials which duplicate both the mechanical and electrical properties of magnesium in injection moulding or extrusion materials can lead to weight savings of up to 40% in composites.
Partners for 100% recycled carbon composites
Guangwei Group (China) and Adesso Advanced Materials (China) have signed a formal strategic partnership and at the same time launched the world?s first recyclable fishing rod made with Recycloset resin technology.
Cycles to feature nanocarbon composites
BST Nano Carbon ? a company which claims the experience and know-how of carbon nanotubes, graphene and nanocarbon needed to translate these materials into groundbreaking new products ? has acquired Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles.
Winning combinations from Gurit
Visitors to this week?s China Composites Expo 2014 in Shanghai (September 3-5) have an opportunity to discover how Gurit?s high-performance structural core materials, qualified prepreg systems and adhesives are addressing the need for weight reduction for mass transportation systems, while? meeting the most stringent safety requirements.
Teijin at the China Composites Expo
Tenax TPCL is a thermoplastic consolidated laminate engineered for the A350 XWB aircraft, Airbus?s new extra-wide-body midsize jetliner, by Toho Tenax.? It will be one of a number of components on display by the Taijin company at this week?s China Composites Expo 2014 in Shanghai (September 3-5).
Cytec to evaluate biomass carbon
The US Department of Energy (DOE) is to provide the Southern Research Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, with funding of up to $5.9 million to work on the production of high performance, low cost carbon fibres from biomass.
Nanocellulose to compete with carbon?
Japan is now taking nanocellulose extremely seriously, with around 100 companies actively involved in working together to develop it as a next generation material.
Textile waste used in composite production
German fabric producer Recytex has announced it has reached the next stage of development on a project to create composite material derived from 20 per cent textile waste fibres.
Polynt and CCP merger
Total?s subsidiary CCP Composites is to be merged with the Polynt Group to create an integrated composite resins producer that will rank number one in Europe and number three globally.
Bridging a glass gap
AGY, the leading producer of glass fibre yarns and reinforcements based in Aiken, South Carolina, has announced the start of production of S-1 HM glass in conjunction with CTG/Taishan Fiberglass.
Partners see big markets for DuraPulp
A paper product that can carry the weight of an adult and be composted within 100 days has emerged from Sweden to compete as a lightweight, sustainable alternative to plastics and composites.
Plasticomp introduces basalt LFT
PlastiComp, based in Winona, Minnesota, has introduced a line of basalt fibre reinforced composites offering a significant increase in performance over short basalt fibre filled materials.
Full control for Connova
Market software and systems developer Jetcam International, based in Hohensch?ftlarn, Germany, has provided Connova AG with the ability to track and control materials, plies, kits, orders and nests in real-time.
Canada and France join forces for flax
Since its establishment in 2003, the Composites Innovation Centre (CIC) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has developed into Canada?s largest composites technology centre.
Nonwovens from recycled carbon composites
A range of recycled carbon veils and mats is being introduced to the portfolio of wet-laid high performance nonwovens is being introduced vy Technical Fibre Products, headquartered in Kendal, UK.
Ultra light racquets now in play
?Racquetball is the latest sport to benefit from ultra-light and ultra-strong carbon fibre technology?? US manufacturer Ektelon is employing Oxeon AB's TeXtreme spread tow fabrics in its latest product range.
Celanese thermoplastic advantages
Celanese Corporation will deliver two technical presentations about its thermoplastic composites at the SAMPE 2014 annual technical conference which takes place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, on Thursday? June 5.
Low cost nanotubes are here
Luxembourg-headquartered OCSiAl is claiming a significant breakthrough in producing its Tuball single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in bigger, better quality batches than has been previously possible.
Toray continues to expand in CFRP
Japan?s Toray Industries plans to increase the production capacity of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts at its subsidaries Toray Carbon Magic (TCM) based in Shiga, Japan, and Carbon Magic Thailand (CMTH) in Cholburi, Thailand.
Can IBM change the game for thermosets?
Computational chemistry is behind the discovery of new polymers that among other things, could lead to fully recyclable thermoset composites.
Renewable polyamide from BASF
BASF is now offering a high performance grades of its Ultramid polyamide which are derived from renewable raw materials.
Bio-based solutions for Composites Europe

Bio-based composites will be the talk of the annual Composites Europe 2014 later this year, where for the first time a section will be devoted to a range of bio-based solutions after its organizers partnered with the Nova-Institute.

Braiding and RTM a winning combination
Several research institutions in the Baden-W?rttemberg region of Germany have been working on intelligently combining? different materials and processes to create efficient new composites solutions.
In a spin with Performax 249
A washing machine with a tub that delivers greater capacity, spins at faster speeds and has improved durability has been introduced into the Russian market by a major white goods OEM.
It?s a steal for biocomposite beauty
The first concert-level ukelele made entirely from biomaterials was exhibited at this year?s JEC Composites Innovation Showcase in Paris.
New grade for high temp food contact
3B, headquartered in Battice, Belgium, is adding to its range of short fibre reinforcements for high temperature resins with the launch of? DS 8800-11P, designed to reinforce high temperature thermoplastics such as PES, PSU, PESU, PPS, PEI, PEEK, etc.
Flax and jute reinforcements deal
Composites Evolution has teamed up with Easy Composites to provide fast distribution of its Biotex Flax and Biotex Jute natural fibre reinforcement materials.
JEC debut for Trevira
Trevira is exhibiting at this year?s JEC Composites show in Paris for the first time this year, in order to showcase its range of flat and textured filament yarns, either in raw white or spun-dyed, as well as special staple fibre types for use in composite materials.
Extrusion grade EcoPaXX from DSM
DSM is launching a higher viscosity extrusion grade of its bio-based EcoPaXX polyamide for the film, fibre and monofilament markets
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