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Particle combination for high-performing prepreg
Hexcel Corporation has just secured a new US patent on a prepreg characterised by high levels of compression strength, damage tolerance and interlaminar fracture toughness for which it says there is considerable market demand.
Higher value carbon composites recycling
Adesso is a US-invested company headquartered in Wuxi, China, which this year has opened an R&D centre in Cambridge, UK, and is introducing recyclable epoxy resins for the production of sustainable carbon fibre composites.
New prepreg stores at room temperature
Twaron PVB is a new prepreg for composites consisting of Twaron fabric and a specially designed new PVB thermoplastic and offering a number of advantages, including longer shelf life and a stable ballistic performance over a broad temperature range.
New RTM system at ZF Friedrichshafen AG
ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a leading automotive supplier which is accelerating its development of fibre composite materials for lightweight construction, has equipped its new development centre in Schweinfurt, Germany,with RTM system technology from Dieffenbacher and KraussMaffei.
AGY sells speciality glass mat business
AGY has sold its Huntingdon business unit to Pittsburgh-based private equity group Stonewood Capital Management.The Huntingdon business unit, now doing business as Huntingdon Fiberglass Products, consists of the continuous filament mat (CFM) business and CFM plant and facilities located in Huntingdon, Philadelphia.
"Parquet" composites with integrated electronics
Early bio adoption by DSM
DSM plans to use BDO made with Genomatica?s bio-based process technology in its Arnitel products.?
Arnitel is a high performance engineering plastic with flexibility, high temperature resistance, strength and excellent processing characteristics.
Nikon adopts Teijin?s carbon
Teijin?s Sereebo carbon fibre composites have been selected for use in the structural parts of Nikon?s D5300 digital SLR camera, released on October 17th.
Renewable polyamide monofilament
BASF is now globally offering Ultramid S Balance in a version for monofilament applications.The high performance polyamide 6.10 is available in various viscosities and the bio-based sebacic acid used to produce it originates from the castor oil plant.
Resource efficiency with accurate tracking
Jetcam International has received the Innovation in Manufacture Award from Composites UK for its CrossTrack composite manufacturing suite.The system tracks material, material life, plies, kits, parts, nests and orders all in real time, providing complete traceability from the finished part right back to the roll or rolls.
Combined Techtextil and JEC in the US
Even though its government is currently shut down and analysts are considering the global implications of the country defaulting on its debts, the USA is still seen as a strong growth market for technical textiles, nonwovens and composites in the coming few years.
Prize winning sound with flax
After more than five years of research and development, French sound equipment major Focal has introduced a new speaker cone made of composites of high-quality flax fibres sandwiched between two thin layers of glass fibre fabric.
Classy parts with C-Weave SP
Chomarat is extending its line of carbon reinforcements with C-Weave SP spread carbon fabrics for composites.This is tailored for products with high aesthetic performance requirements ? specifically for the high-end automotive, sports and leisure and luggage markets.
Momentive links with Fraunhofer
Momentive Specialty Chemicals (MSC), formerly Hexion, based in Columbus, Ohio, has made a new collaborative agreement with the Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) for Composites Research at Western University in London, Ontario, to develop a total solutions approach to high-volume, lightweight composites for the North American automotive market.
Low twist flax fabrics from Bcomp
Natural fibre composites have gained significant attention over the last couple of years, but struggled to establish themselves at a large scale in the industry, despite their outstanding specific mechanical properties.
Award for pulp and polymer composite
Based on its recent research into the natural fibre composites market,Frost & Sullivan has presented Mondi with the 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Leadership Award for Fibromer its pulp and polymer composite.
GreenCore expands with new funding
GreenCore Composites ? currently relocating to a new, updated plant in Sarnia, Ontario ? is partnering with Canada?s Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) to develop a new process allowing wood fibre to be used in a number of products for packaging and building applications, such as pallets and containers.
Hexcel in Moscow
At this week?s MAKS Air Show in Moscow, Hexcel is promoting itscarbon fibre and composite materials for civil aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines and space applications.
Recycling showcase
At the forthcoming Composites Europe show in Stuttgart from September 17-18,technology specialist Autefa will be highlighting the significant opportunity represented by recycling carbon fibre into nonwovens.
Getting close to the bone at MIT
In work funded by the US Army Research Office, researchers at MIT have employed a multi-polymer 3D printer to replicate the natural composite properties of bone.
Lightweight construction with thermoplasts
At the forthcoming K 2013 trade show in D?sseldorf, Germany, this October, technology leader KraussMaffei will be demonstrating the production of lightweight thermoplasic composites on its CX series dual platen machine employing its FiberForm and MuCell processes.
New BASF Ultramid plant in Shanghai
BASF is building a new Ultramid polymerization plant with a capacity of 100,000 metric tons per year in Shanghai, China, with a view to start up in 2015.
Polyester alternative to glass
CHM Composites, based in Shropshire, UK, is promoting its polyester-based nonwoven veils as a cost-effective alternative to standard glass products for composite applications such as pipes and tanks.
Antennae add intelligence to composites
In aircraft construction RFID chips are employed to provide information about components quickly, efficiently and consistently to a receiver via radio waves.
Graphene-reinforced epoxy resins
NetComposites is leading a new collaborative R&D project aimed at developing a synthesis platform to deliver industrial quantities of graphene-filled epoxy resins for advanced composite applications.
Development package at BASF
BASF is bringing tgether its composites products and services under a new package to be called Ultracom.The basic idea is to provide an integrated development platform that starts at the concept phase, continues through design, simulation, processing and part testing, and ends in efficient volume production at the customer.
SGL partners with Samsung
Germany?s SGL Group is setting up a 50/50 marketing and sales joint venture with Samsung for carbon fibre composite materials.The primary aim is to develop new industrial and electronic applications with carbon composite materials for Samsung and the Korean market.
OC to build new US glass nonwovens plant
Owens Corning is to invest $130 million in a new plant for glass fibre nonwovens in North America.The plan by the global producer of glass fibre reinforcements for composites and residential and commercial building materials is to establish a new campus with a state-of-the-art manufacturing line, coating technology and research and development activities, and the option for future expansion.
New glass technology for thermoplastics
Johns Manville has developed a new engineered reactive glass fibre for improved performance in structural thermoplastic composites at its plant in Trnava, Slovakia.
Accelerating the use of French flax
The ambitious ?18 million Fiabilin project is establishing an indistrialisation process for bio-sourced thermoplastic composites in order to further the establishment of a dedicated flax value chain in France.
Matching metal is the goal
The tenth ?project house? just opened by speciality chemicals company Evonik in Marl, Germany, will develop new materials and system solutions based on composites for the lightweight construction sector.
Tension the key to nanotube composites
For the next generation of commercial jets, US researchers have been exploring the use of composites employing carbon fibres coated with carbon nanotubes, as the basis for even stronger and lighter parts.
New possibilties with impregnated fabric
French engineered textile specialist Chomarat is expanding its range of coated fabrics for composites with a new reinforcement impregnated with a flexible thermoplastic.
Recycling Division at Formax
Formax, the manufacturer of speciality composite reinforcements, has launched a new recycling initiative at its UK production facility in Leicester.With the creation of a dedicated Recycling Division and the installation of two bespoke machines, the company is now able to reprocess the majority of its glass and carbon fibre waste.
Expanded horizons for RocTool
After ten years of intensive R&D and nearly $20 million of investment, RocTool has started selling its moulding processes under license and has tripled its turnover in the space of two years, from $2 million in 2010 to more than $6 million in 2012.
EC seeks entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs
A long term strategic plan by the European Commission (EC) to rebuild the European economy by investing in the development of new technologies has now reached the stage where it will start to have an impact as it reaches the commercialisation phase.
Composites One backs TeXtreme
Composites One, the leading distributor of composites materials in North America, is to distribute TeXtreme spread tow reinforcements across the Americas.
Toray licenses honeycomb process
Following preliminary process and product development work, Toray is to licence ThermHex technology ? a cost efficient continuous process for the production of lightweight polypropylene panels developed by EconCore, based in Leuven, Belgium.
Composite spray for US military
A spray-on composite mixture of carbon nanotubes and ceramic has been developed in the US with an unprecedented ability to resist damage while absorbing laser light.
Recognition for carbon-negative resin
The conversion of biogas into Airflex high-performance bio-based thermoplastics by Newlight Technologies was recognised as a key new development at the recent 6th International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-based Plastics and Composites held in Stuttgart, Germany.
Low melt NSK for prepregs
Fibre and filament producer Trevira is intensifying its activities in the field of technical textiles and at this year?s Techtextil show in Frankfurt from June 11-13 will be showcasing a wide range of new products including low melt NSK filaments.
New prepreg line at PRF
In prepreg manufacturing over the last 25 years the focus has been on development in resin systems, but very few advances have been made in the development of the reinforcements for composites.
Flax and hemp at the JEC
The eco-design and mechanical-performance advantages of flax and hemp will be heavily highlighted at this week?s 2013 JEC Europe trade show in Paris (March 12-14).
100% bio-derived
NetComposites will present its latest biocomposite developments at next week?s JEC Composites show in Paris.The materials are a viable sustainable alternative for many mainstream composite applications, the UK company says, since natural fibre reinforcements, such as flax, have the potential to provide improved specific stiffness and hence reduced weight.
Easy processing with TPreg
The new TPreg range of continuous reinforcements for the production of thermoplastic composites is being launched at the forthcoming JEC Composites show in Paris (March 12-14) by Chomarat of France.
LCA proves recycling benefits
Leading a project team with EuCIA and industry partners, DSM has proven that the carbon footprint of cement clinker manufacturing can be reduced up to 16% through using glass reinforced composites regrind as process input.
Easy route to recycling
The recycling of glass fibre composites through co-processing in cement kilns is the subject of a new document entitled Composites Recycling Made Easy produced by the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA).
Silica for super-composites
Research into developing the strongest silica nanofibres in the world is being pioneered at the University of Southampton?s Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) in the UK, with plans for their use in new composites.
Balsa expansion for 3A
With its latest land purchase in Ecuador, 3A Composites has increased its balsa plantation base by 20% and now owns almost 10,000 hectares in the country.
Prototype for the slopes
At the AMRC Composite Centre in Rotherham, UK, a prototype snowboard has been from flax, cashew nut husks and recycled plastic.The AMRC Composite Centre started working with biocomposites as part of E-light, a collaborative European project to investigate new lightweight materials for electric vehicles.
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