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?Solvolytic? route to carbon recycling
MAI Recycling is one of 11 separate large-scale projects currently being undertaken as part of Mai Carbon and brings together the companies Audi, BMW, SGL Carbon, Neenah-Gessner, Siemens and Voith Composites with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, and the BIFA environmental institute.
Carbon nonwovens at STFI
The Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI) held its 11th re4tex recycling conference in December, after claiming the 2013 German Resource Efficiency Award for its CarbonWasteCycle research project.
Flax first from Jaguar
The latest Jaguar F-type convertible features the first fully bio-based floor panel.

The FibriCard panel supplied by EcoTechnilin/CabAuto is a lightweight bio-based composite comprising FibriPreg flax layers and a honeycomb paper core in a sandwich structure.

Geneva debut planned for Biofore
The Biofore concept car ? jointly developed by UPM and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences ? is to premiere at the 84th Geneva International Motor Show which takes place from March 6-16 2014.
Driving away from conventional batteries
Volvo has developed a new concept for lightweight structural energy storage components that could improve the energy usage of future electric vehicles.The material ? consisting of composites of carbon fibres, nano-structured batteries and super capacitors ? provides lighter energy storage that requires less space in the car, offers cost effective structure options and is eco-friendly.::r
Hemp-based first for Faurecia
Faurecia is poised to become the first automotive supplier to mass produce a 100% bio-based plastic with hemp-based fibres and a natural-substance matrix to replace injection-moulded polypropylene.
Fancy a zero emissions spin?
Ecospin?s Raptor generated considerable interest at last week?s Composites Engineering show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.The Electric Personal Vehicle (EPV) was developed by a team of engineers from the automotive and electronic industries to meet a real market demand, primarily from the security patrol market.
Six-minute moulding for A class panels
A new system called Surface RTM has been developed by Zoltek and its partners KraussMaffei, Henkel, Chomarat and Ruhl, for the production of Class A carbon fibre exterior panels.
i3 sets off with a clear footprint
The BMW i3 composites-rich electric car now has an officially-confirmed environmental footprint.The Declaration of Validation issued in accordance with ISO 14040/14044 certification by T?V S?D confirms that its greenhouse potential is between 30-50% less than conventional cars of its size and performance.
Adding the next dimension
US researchers are proposing to develop 4D materials that can exhibit behaviour that changes over time, adapting to external stimuli ? with the help of an $855,000 grant from the US Army Research Office.
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