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Spirit reduces factory footprint
A new out of autoclave fabrication process will produce high tolerance composite integrated parts such as primary wing skins and spars with less energy input, lower capital investment and lower recurring part production costs.
Arovex triples sea vessel?s range
The LRV-17 long range vessel built from a material called Arovex ? carbon composites enhanced with carbon nanotubes ? is said to have more than three times the range of comparatively sized vessels.
Emissions down 99% with new cylinder
Gastank Sweden AB is now manufacturing zero permeation cylinders which meet the very stringent ECE R110 regulation governing the use of Type IV high pressure CNG cylinders for motor vehicles.
Competitive advantage for cycle racing
What is thought to be the lightest, painted, hand wrapped and tube-to-tube constructed cycle frame in the world has been introduced by American Artisan Bicycles of California.
Harnessing the waves with composites
By the year 2020, part of the European household powersupply will consist of tidal energy, generated by ocean currents.The number of turbines on the seabed is growing steadily and set to increase from several dozen in2015 to hundreds in 2020 to thousands beyond 2020, says Dutch company Airborne Composites, a leading manufacturer of tidal blades.
Breaking records with ?21st Century silicon?
Zyvex Technologies and ENVE Composites have joined forces to develop a bicycle wheel rim specifically for downhill mountain biking which employs nano-enhanced carbon fibres.
Composites on the way to Jupiter
At this week?s Hannover Fair, SGL Group is exhibiting a component made from Sigrasic ceramic composites which is being used in NASA?s Juno mission.Mounted on a boom outside the spacecraft is an optical bench which holds the magnetometer that will measure the magnetic field of Jupiter.
Speeding up the cycle
A new non-destructive testing system for the inspection of composite parts offers a number of significant advantages to the aeronautics industry.Developed by EADS in France, in collaboration with airbus and a number of its suppliers, the LUCIE system employs lasers to generate and detect ultrasonic waves in composite materials.
Lightweight polyamide pallet truck
TechnylStar advanced polymers from Rhodia Engineering Plastics have enabled the design and launch of a revolutionary thermoplastic composites hand pallet truck (HPT) called the I-ton.
Strategic push for Rhodia thermoplastics
Rhodia is embarking on two new joint venture initiatives in the marine and automotive composites sectors to demonstrate the lightweighting potential of its latest Evolite range of polyamide thermoplastics.
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