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The power of hidden patterns
The effects of patterned surfaces deep within materials ? specifically, at the interfaces between layers of crystalline materials ? could lead to new methods of controlling the properties of composites.
Drop-in magnesium substitution
New long fibre thermoplastic (LFT) materials which duplicate both the mechanical and electrical properties of magnesium in injection moulding or extrusion materials can lead to weight savings of up to 40% in composites.
Partners for 100% recycled carbon composites
Guangwei Group (China) and Adesso Advanced Materials (China) have signed a formal strategic partnership and at the same time launched the world?s first recyclable fishing rod made with Recycloset resin technology.
Cycles to feature nanocarbon composites
BST Nano Carbon ? a company which claims the experience and know-how of carbon nanotubes, graphene and nanocarbon needed to translate these materials into groundbreaking new products ? has acquired Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles.
Winning combinations from Gurit
Visitors to this week?s China Composites Expo 2014 in Shanghai (September 3-5) have an opportunity to discover how Gurit?s high-performance structural core materials, qualified prepreg systems and adhesives are addressing the need for weight reduction for mass transportation systems, while? meeting the most stringent safety requirements.
Teijin at the China Composites Expo
Tenax TPCL is a thermoplastic consolidated laminate engineered for the A350 XWB aircraft, Airbus?s new extra-wide-body midsize jetliner, by Toho Tenax.? It will be one of a number of components on display by the Taijin company at this week?s China Composites Expo 2014 in Shanghai (September 3-5).
Cytec to evaluate biomass carbon
The US Department of Energy (DOE) is to provide the Southern Research Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, with funding of up to $5.9 million to work on the production of high performance, low cost carbon fibres from biomass.
Nanocellulose to compete with carbon?
Japan is now taking nanocellulose extremely seriously, with around 100 companies actively involved in working together to develop it as a next generation material.
Textile waste used in composite production
German fabric producer Recytex has announced it has reached the next stage of development on a project to create composite material derived from 20 per cent textile waste fibres.
Polynt and CCP merger
Total?s subsidiary CCP Composites is to be merged with the Polynt Group to create an integrated composite resins producer that will rank number one in Europe and number three globally.
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