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Combined Techtextil and JEC in the US
Even though its government is currently shut down and analysts are considering the global implications of the country defaulting on its debts, the USA is still seen as a strong growth market for technical textiles, nonwovens and composites in the coming few years.
Prize winning sound with flax
After more than five years of research and development, French sound equipment major Focal has introduced a new speaker cone made of composites of high-quality flax fibres sandwiched between two thin layers of glass fibre fabric.
Classy parts with C-Weave SP
Chomarat is extending its line of carbon reinforcements with C-Weave SP spread carbon fabrics for composites.This is tailored for products with high aesthetic performance requirements ? specifically for the high-end automotive, sports and leisure and luggage markets.
Momentive links with Fraunhofer
Momentive Specialty Chemicals (MSC), formerly Hexion, based in Columbus, Ohio, has made a new collaborative agreement with the Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) for Composites Research at Western University in London, Ontario, to develop a total solutions approach to high-volume, lightweight composites for the North American automotive market.
Low twist flax fabrics from Bcomp
Natural fibre composites have gained significant attention over the last couple of years, but struggled to establish themselves at a large scale in the industry, despite their outstanding specific mechanical properties.
Award for pulp and polymer composite
Based on its recent research into the natural fibre composites market,Frost & Sullivan has presented Mondi with the 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Leadership Award for Fibromer its pulp and polymer composite.
GreenCore expands with new funding
GreenCore Composites ? currently relocating to a new, updated plant in Sarnia, Ontario ? is partnering with Canada?s Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) to develop a new process allowing wood fibre to be used in a number of products for packaging and building applications, such as pallets and containers.
Hexcel in Moscow
At this week?s MAKS Air Show in Moscow, Hexcel is promoting itscarbon fibre and composite materials for civil aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines and space applications.
Recycling showcase
At the forthcoming Composites Europe show in Stuttgart from September 17-18,technology specialist Autefa will be highlighting the significant opportunity represented by recycling carbon fibre into nonwovens.
Getting close to the bone at MIT
In work funded by the US Army Research Office, researchers at MIT have employed a multi-polymer 3D printer to replicate the natural composite properties of bone.
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