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Faster, longer blades
Covestro, Saertex and Hübers have developed a new technology for the manufacture of rotor blades for wind power plants which has allowed them to successfully produce a prototype of a 45 metre-long spar cap.
Winning combination for roofing
Chomarat and Norafin have jointly developed a new generation of reinforcement composites for roofing felts called Rotaflam Neo. 
Complete LFT lines
Coperion, based in Stuttgart, is partnering with fellow German company ProTec Polymer Processing of Bensheim to supply complete installations for the production of long fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFTs).
C-Grid for better construction
C-Grid is a high-performance reinforcement produced by Chomarat, made by bonding ultra high-strength carbon tow with epoxy resin. It enables precast constructions to be thinner, lighter, more durable and less costly overall than conventional precast and other building systems.
Recognition for BMW benchmark
Automotive experts from all over the world are in agreement – the Carbon Core for the body structure of the new BMW 7 Series is currently the ultimate benchmark.
RAMP for 3D composites
Arevo Labs, based in Santa Clara, California, has introduced a scalable ‘robot-based additive manufacturing platform’ – RAMP – for fabricating 3D printed composite parts.
Strongest shell with TeXtreme
Bell Helmets has launched its new Pro Star helmet which is said to feature the lightest and strongest shell ever, reinforced by ultra-thin TeXtreme carbon fibre materials.
Aliancys – new name for DSM Composite Resins

From January 2016, DSM Composite Resins will be named Aliancys. DSM announced earlier this year a partnership with CVC Capital Partners. This involved the formation of a new holding company, and the start of the DSM Composite Resins business as a separate business unit.

Flax focus at Jaguar LandRover
Over the past 14 years, CO2 emissions in Jaguar LandRover (JLR) vehicles have fallen by an average of 40% as a result of the introduction of aluminium replacing steel parts, but at the same time, the cost of these parts has doubled.
Looking for lift off
In the next few years, the aerospace sector, including defence, will continue to greatly shape the development of the CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) market, according to an assessment delivered by experts from the industry alliance Carbon Composites (CCeV).
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